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Ms Vyk's Salon

By Ms Vyk
Posted: 2021-04-07T17:39:00Z
PERESTROIKA IN PARIS by Jane Smiley is a magical, lovely, sweet and captivating novel. A "fairytale for adults."
Paras, a thoroughbred racehorse, leaves her sheltered life to "explore" Paris, satisfying her curiosity by traversing the streets at night. Shortly after her escape she meets an elegant dog, an erudite raven, two querulous mallards, a  sweet, innocent boy, a creative baker and a lovelorn rat. They all bond and speak a language they can all understand (and we can, too). The dog and raven often accompany her on her little jaunts and they have many little adventures along the way.

The insights that these animals have of human beings are often humorous, sometimes philosophical and always poignant. I found myself laughing out loud several times.

This 289 page book was a quick read. It's a very different type of book with no violence, malice, greed, or car chases! The ending was unpredictable and surprising. I've never read anything like it. And as an avid horse lover it was a particular treat to read a book from the horse's "point of view."

A beautiful book and well written, too. Just lovely. Put it on your list and be sure to share with other book lovers!

This book can be bought through Vroman's Bookstore