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Observations of Lora Harrington-Pride
By Meanderings BLOG
Posted: 2022-08-07T20:49:47Z

I choose not to add my words to Petra K Kelly’s observation (below) about our dysfunctional delusions, because they would just join all the words spoken before by so many, and have become the hollow resonance of a dream.

Like the drum sounds, they reverberate on our hearts, on our sternums, bounce off and fall to the ground, leaving one the choice of falling to your knees to once again view the waste, the loss and the futility, or, to look elsewhere to the places and faces that elevate you when you find them and you can bite back your tears as you enjoy your alikeness - because some things never change.

Lora Harrington-Pride

Like the mind-set that places men above women, whites above Blacks, and the rich above poor, the mentality that places humans above nature is a dysfunctional delusion.

Petra K Kelly - Published in Sunbeams