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A new blogger begins her career at 86!
By Meanderings BLOG
Posted on 9/27/2020 11:09 PM
Meanderings is a blog intended to give Pasadena village members an outlet for their creativity. I recently received a link to an article In the New York times about an 86 year old woman in England who is exhibiting her creativity in a completely new venture,. It seems so on point for what the village is about that I thought it would be appropriate to reference it here in this blog.

Reading through this article, there were a number of points that stood out to me that reflect the goals and aspirations of our community. This is a woman who is using something that she has in her and is still able to do to brighten up the world. She is achieving substantial success doing so. It is an uplifting story and contains many lessons from which we can benefit .

Click here to learn about Hazell Jacobs and how she is coping with aging and the Coronavirus.