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1619 Project Discussion

Review of Election Results
By Blog Master
Posted: 2022-11-22T17:17:37Z

Notes by Sharon Jarrett:

Prior to the start of the meeting there was a check in with a participant joining from Portland, Oregon on the recent vote to change the City Charter to a City Council format.

Once the meeting was called to order a number of issues related to the recent election were discussed which included:

1.  The importance of the run off in the State of Georgia

2.  The overall reassurance felt by the participants over the process and how well it went nationwide.

3.  The number of young voters who not only registered but voted.

4.  One participant noted being reassured by the outcome of the LA City Mayor's race and the LA County Sheriff's race.

5.  The number of Secretary of State positions that were won by candidates who were not election 

    deniers was noted.

6.  The number of candidates of diverse backgrounds was noted.

7.  A question was raised about the qualifications for President and adding a Constitutional amendment 

   relating to criminal background being disqualifying.

8.  The role of conservative media was discussed.

9.  Gerrymandering was discussed in relation to Citizen Redistricting Commissions.

10. The relationship of 1619 Project to racial equity in outcomes was discussed.

11. The use of social media was discussed focusing on the development of greater ability to

    use the platforms effectively.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM PST. The next meeting will be December 2, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST on the usual link.