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Special Events

What's not to like for the recipient? Learn more about the most efficient methods of sharing your wealth.

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 2:00 pm

Charitable giving! What's not to like for the recipient? But what are some of the tax advantages that can maximize the donation while you're living, and afterwards? Join Ashley Fontanetta, Client Advisor in Whittier Trust's Philanthropic Services group, for a free overview of the various ways you can donate to nonprofits. She will explore the advantages and disadvantages of making gifts through Trusts, Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Bequests, Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA, and other philanthropic vehicles. Whittier Trust has been providing financial advice since 1935. Prior to joining the financial services industry, Ashley worked as the executive director of a nonprofit in the Bay Area and Southern California. Given her work experience, Ashley has the unique ability of seeing philanthropy from the donor’s side as well as from the nonprofit side. Q&A following the presentation.


Free. Registration required to get the Zoom link.
Non-Members please call the Village Office at 626.765.6037

The Historic Ford Place and Blinn House Virtual Tour

Thursday, June 17, 2021, 3:00 pm

Pasadena Village’s Cultural Activities Committee invites you to join Patty Judy, the Education Director of Pasadena Heritage, for a virtual tour of Ford Place which was developed between 1902 and 1916 as an exclusive upscale residential neighborhood. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Ford Place is now mostly part of the Fuller Theological Seminary campus. Also, virtually view the interior of the Blinn House, designed by George Washington Maher. 


Free. Registration required to get the Zoom link.
Non-Members please call the Village Office at 626.765.6037

Pasadena Village in the B4B HOT SEAT!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 7:30 - 9:00am

Business 4 Business (B4B) helps local businesses grow and reach the next level of success. Every month on the 4th Wednesday at 7:30 am on Zoom, business owners and the local community come together to help a person in the Hot Seat with a business concern. Pasadena Village will be in the Hot Seat in June!

The Hot Seat is for someone who needs advice about their business and is asking for constructive help. Executive Director Katie Brandon will share about Pasadena Village and ask for advice on increasing the Village's visibility and attracting new members. Members of the audience offer solutions and advice moderated by B4B Founder/Executive Director Joan De Souza. 


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Accessibility in the City of Pasadena

Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 11:00 am

Pasadena Village's VIPs invite you to join the City of Pasadena's Accessibility Coordinator Ali Everett for an engaging presentation on what you can do when you encounter barriers to accessibility, an overview of the ample resources available, and what the City is doing to ensure access. Find out how you can request captions or other accommodations, and what the City is doing to be prepared for emergencies. There will be ample time for questions and discussions after the presentation. Free. Call 626.765.6037 to register.

Free. Registration required to get the Zoom link.
Non-Members please call the Village Office at 626.765.6037

AGING IN PASADENA: A Presentation by
Pasadena Village Executive Director, Katie Brandon, for Pasadena Public Library's Health Month

Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 5:00 - 6:00pm

Join Pasadena Village's Executive Director Katie Brandon for an overview of aging in the City of Roses. From the earliest Tongva inhabitants to today's residents, older Pasadenans have engaged in leisure activities, mental stimulation, and social interactions, and their legacy has shaped where we are today. Enjoy a glimpse of the life of older adults, learn about some of the nonprofits that serve those from the Boomer and Silent generations, and hear from guest speakers from Pasadena Village, an intentional community of seniors who live independently in their own homes.

Register here:

< Photo of Julia Bogany, Tongva Elder

Ageless Sexuality: Reconnecting with Yourself and Others

Tuesday, July 6, 2021, 3:00 pm

Are you missing the pleasure of physical touch and sexual intimacy? Tune in for a conversation around ageless sexuality with therapist and sexologist Nicoletta Heidegger. This chat will provide you with tools, education, and support to reconnect with yourself and others! 


Guest Speaker Linda Pope Discusses Race Relations in 1950's America

Friday, June 4, 10 am

Pasadena Village's 1619 Discussion Group invites you to join them for another engaging speaker at the June 4 meeting on Zoom. Linda Pope is a black female Ophthalmologist in Houston, Texas. Linda grew up as the daughter of a professional baseball player who dealt with issues of racism in his experience in the Homestead Grays in the Negro Leagues and in the Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles in the Major Leagues. Linda attended Oberlin College and Ohio State, and completed her residency in Houston where she subsequently entered private practice for her career. She has presented professional papers in Europe and participated in a medical trip to Central Africa, adding to her wide range of perspective and knowledge. She can relate her experience with race in America from diverse perspectives. 

This will be another informative presentation adding to our awareness of conditions that we face in our present day environment.  Follow us on our 1619 Project Discussion blog to stay up to date on other events and to learn more about our past. Village Members may register for the event on our website. Non-members who are interested may call us (626) 765-6037 or write to us at for the Zoom link. 

SELF-MEDICATION PITFALLS: How do you tell when your prescribed medications are the problem rather than the solution?

Thursday, June 3, 2021, 2:00 pm

Pasadena Village's Educational Programs Committee invites you to join Nancy Verdin and Ashley Carrasco, from Day One Prevention Programs who will explain when you've crossed the line from using medications to mis-using or abusing your prescription drugs as well as how to properly store and dispose of medications, and where to go for help if they've become a problem. There will be time to answer your questions and respond to your comments. Sign up now for this important one-hour presentation.

Registration required to get the Zoom link.
Non-Members please call the Village Office to register.


May 1 to May 31

We're honoring Mothers for the entire month of May! We invite you to honor your mother, or someone you consider a mother. We hope you will consider sharing a photo and stories of someone who has make an impact on your life. Have a look at our Honoring Mothers page and consider making a donation in the name of someone you consider a mother.

The Original Busch Gardens:
Adolphus Busch's Gift to Pasadena, California

Saturday, May 29, 2:00pm

Join author and historian Michael Logan to explore the fascinating history of Pasadena’s original Busch Gardens. The illustrated lecture will feature unique stories and vintage images that will transport viewers back to the Gardens in all their glory. The attraction’s terraced hillsides, waterfalls and ponds, scenic paths, and enchanting fairytale statuary, established it as one of Southern California’s first mega-parks and a world-famous tourist attraction (1905-1938).

In 2001, Pasadena residents and historians Michael Logan and the late Gary Cowles teamed up to launch the most comprehensive research ever done on the Gardens. Now, after an eighteen-year-long journey into the history and lore of this nearly-forgotten treasure, Logan is celebrating the publication of his ground-breaking 200-page book on the topic.

Pasadena Village and Pasadena Museum of History Members: Free; General Public: $10. 

Register on Eventbrite at:

This event sponsored by Lagerlof, LLP

By Your Side Vigil Companions

Thursday, May 19, 1:00pm

Be trained as a bedside companion for those who are nearing the end of their life. The Educational Programs Committee has invited Susan Brown from By Your Side, a program of Episcopal Communities and Services, to give an overview of the program which trains volunteers to be a compassionate presence. Those who are interested can enroll in a future training. Free.


THE RED PLANET! Mars Exploration

Thursday, May 13, 1:30pm

Pasadena Village’s Educational Programs Committee and "Science Monday" Group invite you to join Louis Friedman, director emeritus of Pasadena's Planetary Society, who will give a presentation that starts with the general history of Mars exploration and concludes with the latest historic landing on February 18th.

Sponsored by Clifford Swan Investment Counselors

Members, register on the calendar to get the Zoom link.
Non-members, register here 

Cousins: A Conversation With the Authors

Friday, May 7, 10:00 AM

Connected through slavery, a Black woman and a White woman discover their past—and each other. The authors are Betty Kilby Baldwin and Phoebe Kilby.

What happens when a White woman, Phoebe, contacts a Black woman, Betty, saying she suspects they are connected through slavery? A surprise. Betty responds, “Hello cousin.”


Open to exploring difficult truths and sharing an admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, they embark on a path towards reconciliation. Each tells her dramatic story - from Betty’s experience desegregating her county’s only high school to Phoebe’s eventual question to Betty: “How do I begin to repair the harms?”

The  book may be pre-ordered at Vromans Bookstore in Pasadena. All authors' proceeds from sales of the book are donated to the Kilby Family Scholarship Fund, which offers college scholarships to descendants of the people Phoebe's family enslaved, including Betty's grandchildren.

I'm very excited about this remarkable book. I hope the experiences of Betty and Phoebe will inspire others to sit down at the table of sisterhood and brotherhood to promote racial healing.  —US Senator Tim Kaine

For more information about our discussion series, visit the " 1619 Project Discussion" Blog.

Register to get the Zoom link!

Convalescent Aid Society: Free Medical Equipment Loans

Thursday, May 6, 11:00am

Join Convalescent Aid Society’s CEO Mark Waterson who will share how one of Pasadena’s oldest nonprofits offers reusable home medical equipment for free to any senior who needs it, as long as they promise to bring it back when they are done with it. Please call the Village Office to register and get the Zoom link at 626.765.6037.

Register to get the Zoom link!

Driving While Elderly

Thursday, April 22, 1:00pm

Everything you wanted to know about being an older driver in California. Bring your questions about license renewal, REAL IDs, Senior IDs, different testing options, and alternate transportation. Presenter DMV Ombudswoman Tressa Thompson will have the answers for you! Sponsored by the Educational Programs Committee.

Register to get the Zoom link!

Conserving, Protecting & Stewarding Our Precious Open Spaces

Wednesday, April 21, 2:00pm

Cottonwood Canyon Preserve in Pasadena is an important wildlife corridor that serves as the gateway from the San Gabriel Mountains and the Arroyo Seco into the San Rafael Hills. The virtual tour discussion will feature Cottonwood Canyon's importance as a wildlife corridor, the Conservancy's wildlife camera program, as well as highlight the plants that make Cottonwood Canyon such an important habitat, and which make Southern California biodiversity hotspot on the planet.  

Register to get the Zoom link!

Creative Connections: Spotlighting Donna Hummer

Wednesday, April 14, 2:00pm

Donna Hummer, of ConceptuaLine, is a graphic designer and artist who specializes in marketing, website design and branding. Her creativity and design expertise helps her business serve a wide variety of clients. She has been working with Pasadena Village to enhance our website, make it more accessible and a more valuable marketing tool. Here’s your chance to meet this dynamic woman who has worked with our Communications Committee to make our visibility on the internet more powerful than ever.