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Available Member Services
The Pasadena Village is committed to helping older adults age in place. In addition to providing social activities and educational programming, we also connect our members to services that make it easier for them to remain in their homes as they age.
Most of our member services are provided by dedicated, pre-screened volunteers. Our ability to fulfill member service requests depends upon volunteer availability. In the event that a volunteer is not available or qualified to provide the requested service, we will refer the member to outside service providers. 

Volunteer-Provided Services
The following are typical services that members may request by contacting the Village office. The Village office then finds an available volunteer to fulfill the request. 

Presentations & workshops on topics related to healthy living and aging
Help at Home
Friendly visiting at home or in the hospital 
Gardening & indoor plants
Help moving furniture and other heavy objects  
Minor household repairs and chores 
Temporary meal assistance
Temporary pet care
Aging resources 
Local services
Village Volunteer Drivers
Appointment companions
Assistance at the library, post office, grocery store, or wherever else members need to take care of business
Local, door-to-door transportation
Technology Assistance
Drop-in technology workshops staffed by volunteers
One-on-one trouble-shooting at home
Part of our mission is to provide our members with the support that they need to live fulfilling lives. If you have ideas regarding services you would like to receive from the Pasadena Village that are not covered in the list above, please let us know
Reminder: The Village is not an emergency service, healthcare provider, or residential facility. The Pasadena Village does not provide emergency services, housing, medical care, or personal care services. We are not a Home Care Services agency or provider. If members are in need of these services, the Village will refer members to outside service providers or agencies that may be able to help.