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What is a "Village"?

A Village is an intentional community of people who want to remain independent as long as possible. There are about 135 such Villages in the United States. Most were founded by friends and neighbors who found that they were in need of a support network as they grew older. As we age, we often begin to experience some anxiety about living alone. This is especially true if we have lost a loved one or our close family has moved away. We often feel less energetic, more isolated, and a little less sure of ourselves.


So along comes the Pasadena Village! It is an intentional community of old and new friends who are sharing similar life experiences. Our Village maintains a small office with a director and a diverse group of volunteers. Members reach out to each other to share interests and activities, as well as help each other with various needs and service requests. If members are unable to help with a particular service request, Village-approved volunteers and service providers are contacted to help members.
Pasadena Village is ready to help with all types of needs. One call to the Pasadena Village office is all it takes. Here are some typical calls:
"My disposal doesn’t work. What do I do?"
"I can’t find my cat!"
"I need to go to the doctor"
"Is anyone interested in going to the movies, or playing bridge, or cultivating orchids?"
The Pasadena Village staff or volunteer replies: "I think we can help. Tell me more…"


Pasadena Village is not a place. It is a community that finds its meaning in friendship and the caring support we offer each other. It is just what we need!
What is the cost of membership?

Individual annual membership: $720 

Household (two-person) annual membership: $960 


Scholarships are also available. Call us at 626-765-6037 to inquire about eligibility.

See "Member Dues" for more information


What if I'm not ready yet?

5 Reasons to Join Our Village — Even if you’re not ready yet


Even if you’re not ready to take advantage of our volunteer services, the Village provides many personal benefits that aren’t as obvious. Village membership contributes to overall life satisfaction and provides opportunities to give, not just receive.


So please take a moment and consider these 5 “other” great reasons for joining Pasadena Village:

  1. Help to create a culture of mutual care in our neighborhood and in our city.
  2. Stay connected. The Village helps members avoid isolation by encouraging them to get to know and trust their neighbors in a deeper and more meaningful way.
  3. Village volunteering--helping your fellow members--provides personal satisfaction.
  4. Village outings and activities benefit your body, mind, and spirit.
  5. The Village provides peace of mind. You know that a lot of caring neighbors will be there for you if an emergency does arise.

Don’t wait - join today to help ensure that the Village will be there when you do feel ready.



What is included in my membership fee?

Here are the four components included in the membership fee. 


First are the social activities that enrich our lives by offering the following:


We meet regularly for coffee, dinner, book clubs, picnics, and more! 

• The Village hosts workshops and presentations on such diverse topics as health, recreation, and home safety improvement.

The Village plans visits to local museums, the movies, theatrical performances, and even groups trips out of town.

• The Village makes it easy to connect with others based on shared interests. Have an idea? We are always adding new programming, social activities, and special trips.



Second, there are the free services that you receive from volunteers, some of them fellow Village members, and others who are community members wanting to help others. If you need a ride to a medical appointment, to the grocery store, to visit a friend - a call to the Village can arrange that. If you need someone to change your light bulbs, water your plants, bring you a meal when you're not feeling well - the Village can provide that, as well. 


Third, if you have a need that requires a professional, from a plumber to a licensed home health care professional, you can call the Village office for referrals to service providers who have been screened by the Village. 


And finally, membership in the Pasadena Village brings with it the opportunity to make new friends, re-connect with old ones, and remain involved in the wider Pasadena community. A key element of the Pasadena Village is our commitment to social interaction and personal well-being. We know that aging adults may experience increasing isolation and a shrinking sense of independence, efficacy, and self-worth.


What geographical area does the Pasadena Village serve?
We use the "Pasadena area" as a general description of Pasadena and the adjacent communities. We want Villagers to be connected, and to see themselves as part of a community, but we are not restricting membership to a specific city or county area. Most of our members live in Pasadena, but we also have many members who hail from the following cities:
East Los Angeles
La Canada Flintridge
San Gabriel
San Marino 
South Pasadena
What are the ages of Pasadena Village members?
Members can be as young as 55, and our oldest member is approaching 100. The statistics show a bell curve, with most members in their mid-70's. No matter your age, you'll be in good company.
Can the Village help in an emergency?
In a medical emergency, the first call should be to 911.
The Pasadena Village is not an emergency service.
However, the Village can often address needs that arise after members experience a crisis or a change in circumstance. 
For example, we have helped members arrange for home caregivers and connected them with alternative transportation resources. Village volunteers can pick up prescriptions, deliver a meal, run errands, or simply drop by for a friendly visit. 
Sometimes folks just need someone to listen or help them think through a problem. We're good at that, too.