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Pasadena Village dues

Membership fees cover less than 50% of our annual expenses. The balance comes from grants, donations and fund raising for our non-profit organization.


Many of the benefits of membership are intangible – more things to do, broadening your world, making new friends walking the same path as you and having a secure sense of community. Some advantages are concrete: getting a ride, having a meal delivered, having someone fix a leaky faucet or change lightbulbs, go out to dinner, attend an educational or cultural program, go hiking, play ping pong, write memoires… the list is longer.


Membership Annual Dues

  • $960 ($80/month) for two persons living in a single residence

  • $720 ($60/month) for an individual member


Membership Fee Assistance Program

Thanks to a generous grant from The Episcopal Communities & Services and other contributions, there are two membership fee assistance programs available, both based upon annual incomes: 

  • If your income is between $32,000 and $50,000, you pay half the dues - $480 ($40/month) for two persons living in a single residence and $360 ($30/month) for one person.

  • If your income is below $32,000, two people living in the same residence will pay annual dues of $180 ($15/month) and an individual will pay $120 ($10/month). 

    For those members in this category, there is $250 a year available to use for needed services that cannot be provided by a volunteer or for health and safety related expenses.


If you require any further information about anything to do with membership fees and the benefits of joining the Pasadena Village community, please contact us on 626-765-6037 or go to